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Road safety

  1. Mission of the Ministry of Transport and Communications
  2. Administrative branch
  3. Traffic rules and regulations
  4. Driving licence legislation

1. Mission of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is responsible for drafting legislation on road safety.

The vision for road safety work is that no-one is killed or seriously injured in traffic. The aim is to improve traffic safety continuously, so that the number of road fatalities has been halved and the number of serious injuries has been cut by one fourth by the year 2020. The figures from 2010 are used as the reference.

Improvements to road safety are made in accordance with a Government resolution from 2012 and the Transport Policy Report (2012).

The Ministry of Transport and Communications co-operates with other ministries in combating drink driving and improving traffic control.

Road safety work utilises information and communications technologies in, for example, in-vehicle applications, electronic traffic management and road condition information.

2. Administrative branch

The key players in the field of road safety within the Ministry's administrative branch are the Finnish Transport Agency, Finnish Transport Safety Agency, and Liikenneturva (the Finnish Road Safety Council).

  • The Transport Agency is responsible for road design, construction and management, and for road and traffic signs.
  • The responsibilities of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) include vehicle registration, supervision of driving schools and driving licence operations and the organisation of matters related to vehicle inspection. Trafi is also responsible for road and traffic safety campaigns.
  • Liikenneturva campaigns for road and traffic safety, contributes to road safety education for different age groups and provides further training for drivers.

3. Traffic rules and regulations

In developing traffic rules and regulations, the wide variety of vehicles and means of transport are taken into account. Attention is also given to the needs of different age groups and special-needs groups, such as people with restricted mobility.

  • Traffic rules and regulations are laid down in the Road traffic act (267/1981).
  • Their purpose is to improve road safety and ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

4. Driving licence legislation

In Finland, anyone driving a vehicle on a road must have the right to drive that category of vehicle in question, i.e. they must hold the appropriate driving licence.

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