111 million euros for rail, road, and sea traffic projects this year in the supplementary budget

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Transport development projects (Map: MINTC)

In the second supplementary budget for 2019, the Finnish Government proposes a supplementary appropriation of 40 million euros for basic infrastructure management, intended to be used for launching eight new infrastructure projects. In addition, a supplementary appropriation of 71 million euros is proposed for seven development projects this year.

‘The government programme paid particular attention to the development of the transportation network. Therefore, it was important to quickly launch projects which affect the transportation of people, the operational preconditions of the business sector, and the vitality of Finland in general,’ says minister of transport and communications Sanna Marin.

Funding for the repair of railways

The Government proposes an increase of 40 million euros for the appropriation for basic infrastructure management this year, which will control the increase of the repair deficit. The appropriation is proposed to be used for eight projects, whose overall cost for the entire implementation period is 260 million euros.

Safety equipment is renewed on the track between Tampere and Seinäjoki, improving the usability of the track. This will also reduce the susceptibility to disturbances of train traffic in Western Finland.

Safety equipment is renewed and missing safety equipment installed on the track between Kokkola and Pietarsaari (Pännäinen), improving traffic safety and management.

Local speed limits are to be removed on the Coastal Railway between Helsinki and Turku, improving the efficiency of passenger traffic. The project will cover renewing the surface structure of the track, repairing bridges and tunnels, improving drainage, improving the Jorvas railway service point, and ensuring the stability of the track.

An outdated safety device in the Oulu railway yard is intended to be renewed, tracks are to be changed, and the areas of the railway yard which are in poor condition are to be renovated.

Frost has damaged the track between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg, causing disturbances to traffic particularly between Kouvola and Luumäki. In order to repair this damage, frost insulation slabs are installed, the structure of the track renovated, and drainage improved.

Minor corrections are made on the track between Saarijärvi and Haapajärvi, such as replacing pieces of the track and crossties. The track is in poor condition, which has caused disturbances to transportations in the forest industry.

The Turku ring road E18 is improved between Kausela and Kirismäki. The road is part of the international TEN-T traffic network, and the work is a continuation of the ongoing improvement project, which will change the ring road to have four lanes, complementing the pedestrian and bicycle traffic network, and improving the junction organisation in order to streamline traffic.

A new raw wood terminal is built in Akaa as part of the national raw wood loading point network, intended to improve the efficiency of raw wood transportation.

Funding for transport development projects

The Government proposes an appropriation of 71 million euros for transport development projects this year, with a mandate of a total of 349 million euros, meaning that the state budget commits to projects in this amount in future years. This procedure allows the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) to commit to agreements for several years.

Development of the main track between Helsinki and Tampere:

The intention is to start the planning of three sites: additional tracks between Jokela and Riihimäki as well as Riihimäki and Tampere, and to design additional overtaking places between Riihimäki and Tampere. The appropriation for 2019 would be 11 million euros.

Improvement of the track between Kouvola and Hamina–Kotka:

The project carries out renovation of the track, repairs weak soil, bridges, and culverts, and renews safety equipment. In addition, the Kotolahti railway yard is expanded. The aim is to improve the cost efficiency and capacity of railway transportation and to ensure the safety of transportation. The appropriation for 2019 would be 3 million euros, and the mandate 98 million.

Electrifying the track between Iisalmi and Ylivieska, and the wye in Iisalmi:

The tracks between Ylivieska and Iisalmi as well as Siilinjärvi and Ruokosuo are electrified, and changes are made to the safety equipment. In addition, a wye is built in Iisalmi. The aim is to improve the efficiency of transportation on the track between Ylivieska and Iisalmi. The appropriation for 2019 would be 500,000 euros, and the mandate 55 million.

Improvement of the railway yard in Joensuu:

Old traffic management and safety devices are replaced with a modern system. The model of the tracks and the track technical structure are also renewed, the platforms are made higher, and a bridge is built to the intermediate platform. The aim is to improve the traffic service level and the safety of the transport operations and the passengers. The appropriation for 2019 would be one million euros, and the mandate 74 million. The City of Joensuu’s share of the project is 3 million euros.

Highway 3 – the Hämeenkyrö bypass:

The project involves building a narrow four-lane bypass with a median barrier, grade-separated junctions, pedestrian and bicycle traffic solutions, a crossing place for animals, and game fences. The aim is to improve the fluency and safety of traffic and transportations, and to enable the planned land use. The appropriation for 2019 would be 2.4 million euros, and the mandate 64 million.

Highway 8 – Overtaking lanes between Turku and Pori (Mynämäki, Laitila, Eurajoki):

The project involves building a pair of overtaking lanes between Eurajoki and Luvia, and to the south of Laitila. In addition, the overtaking lanes to the north of Mynämäki are improved by building a median barrier, the junctions are graded, and groundwater protections are carried out. The aim is to improve traffic safety and the possibilities for overtaking, and to ensure an even travel speed. The mandate and appropriation for 2019 would be 30 million euros.

Construction of the Oulu sea route:

The equipment required for installing the safety devices for the sea route is more expensive than planned. The additional funding will ensure full-scale usability of the deep-water channel, even under winter conditions. The appropriation for the construction of the Oulu sea route for 2019–2021 would be 23 million euros, and the mandate 27.5 million.

What next?

The Government issued its proposal for the supplementary budget for 2019 to the Parliament on 19 June. The Parliament will decide on the supplementary budget. The projects are intended to be launched during 2019.

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