5G one of the engines of digitalisation

Uutinen 27.10.2015 10.29 fi sv en

Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner, 5G seminar, 22.10.2015

The Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority held a seminar on 22 October 2015 to discuss the future 5G technology. The topics of the expert seminar included research, development and introduction of technology, and future digital services based on technology.

5G technology is one of the engines of digitalisation as it is considered to meet the wishes and needs of many different user groups in wireless communications, for example in terms of mobility, higher speed, better reliability, security and energy efficiency.

Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications, reminded in her opening words that digitalisation is one of the cross-cutting themes of the Government Programme.

In future, the 5G network will carry communications between user groups of conventional mobile networks as well as between things and devices, particularly in the transport sector.

Finland has set a goal of being among the leaders of 5G development and use as well as being active in international 5G forums.

Representatives of businesses and authorities together examined how to achieve the goal of being among the European forerunners in the sector. For example the advanced approach to testing and research use of spectrum was detected as one of Finland's strengths.