null Amendments to the Decree on Driving Licences

Amendments to the Decree on Driving Licences

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The Ministry of Transport and Communications is preparing amendments to the Government Decree on Driving Licences. The amendments are based on an EU Directive. The Ministry invites opinions on the draft Decree. The deadline for comments is 8 September 2020.

According to the Driving Licence Act, a person who has completed a driving or handling test using a car with automatic transmission, is, as a rule, only qualified to drive an automatic car corresponding to the category of the examination.

Exceptions to the rule will be the driving rights in categories C, CE, D and DE, if the person has previously completed a driving test for a vehicle category defined in the Decree using a car with manual transmission. It is proposed that the driving licence categories BE, C1, C1E, D1 and D1E entitling to drive vehicle combinations be included in the exceptions.

Since automatic transmission is typically used in the current heavy vehicle fleet, the reform would facilitate the availability of vehicles for examination tests. It would also improve the opportunities of using one’s own vehicle in the driving test.

The requirements for vehicles used in the tests are proposed to be amended with regard to motorcycles in category A2. The amendment would update the requirements concerning the cubic capacity of a vehicle used in the test and facilitate the availability of the vehicles. The amendment would also allow those trained in the Defence Forces to receive the A2 category right to drive.

What next?

The deadline for comments on the draft Decree is 8 September 2020. The request for comments has been published at

Organisations and private individuals are invited to comment online at or by email to Following the consultation round, the preparations of the decree will continue by Ministry officials.


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