Changes at the turn of the year in the administrative branch of MINTC

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Modifications to the regulations concerning alcolocks

The alcolock act that came into force at the end of 2016 lays down provisions on the approval of alcolocks, their use and access to markets. The law shall apply to alcolocks used in monitored right-to-drive circumstances. Other use will remain outside the regulation. With the new act, also recording alcolock use data into registers maintained by the importers has been discontinued. In addition, the regulations concerning the alcolock-monitored driving rights have been transferred to the Driving Licence Act. The changes to the alcolock legislation and to the relevant parts of the Driving License Act came into effect on 30 December 2016.

Funding of the safety measures for road traffic extended

The funding of road safety is changing at the beginning of 2017. The funding will be in the form of state subsidy that is divided into general aid and project aid, which will increase and diversify the number of aid recipients. General aid will fund the activities of those involved with traffic safety, that is, the activities of the Central Organisation for Traffic Safety in Finland and the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre. Project aid is meant primarily for regional and local projects. The state aid authority will be the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi). The Decree came into force on 01 January 2017.

Changes concerning heavy traffic

Vehicle registration certificates changed to their current electronic form already in 2015. From the beginning of January, even heavy transport vehicles are not required to keep a paper registration certificate in the vehicle itself.

The winter tyre requirements for heavy transport became effective on 2 January 2017. Lorries, coaches and buses as well as cars with a total mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes are required to use winter tyres on the driving axles during the December–February period. This also applies to tractors whose design speed exceeds 60 kilometres per hour. Also the groove depth requirement for heavy transport was increased. The aim of the use of winter tyres and increase in groove depth is to improve traffic safety and smooth operation of heavy transport.

Discounts to the payments charged by Trafi

Some payments to the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi were reduced somewhat at the turn of the year. The registration application without attachments provided as a personal service, printing of parts I and II of the registration certificate, a change to or printing of the test plate certificate as well as a copy of the technical part will in future cost €9.50 instead of the earlier €10.00. The cost of taking a vehicle off the road (deregistration) as a personal service was reduced from €20 to €18 and the cost of a registration application with attachments was reduced from €18 to €17. Printing of parts I and II as a self-service will in future cost €3 instead of €4.

Also the payments for some special registration services are coming down. The cost of a transfer permit decreased from €18 to €16, correction or removal of export registration details from €10 to €9.50 and the registration of a diplomatic vehicle from €10 to €9.50.

The price of a standard registration plate decreased from €6 to €4.50 and other registration plates such as export, customs or special registration plates from €9 to €6.50. The payment for granting a personalised plate decreased from €900 to €850.

As a new product, the list includes the payment of €180 for granting a derogation for the maximum allowed dimensions and masses of a vehicle registered elsewhere than in the EEA area.

Compulsory pilotage was eased up and organising piloting examinations became easier

At the turn of the year, compulsory pilotage for small vessels, towing combinations and ice-breakers was eased up and organising pilotage examinations became easier. At that time, the VTS authority began to receive notifications from vessels about the use of pilots and supervise piloting. The Pilotage Act came into effect on 1 January 2017.