Changes to regulation concerning parcel deliveries within the EU

Tiedote 28.06.2019 09.46 fi sv en

The Postal Act will be amended as concerns international parcel services. The amendments are based on the adopted EU Regulation that obliges larger service providers of parcel deliveries to open up their information on cross-border parcel delivery services, such as tariff information.

The amendments implement the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on cross-border parcel delivery services. The EU Regulation is directly binding on Member States. 

The EU Regulation obliges Member States to assign a competent authority for monitoring the implementation of the Regulation and for providing information on tariffs to the Commission and other Member States as well as for laying down provisions on the consequences for possible violations. 

The amendments give the authority to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency to impose a penalty applicable to infringements of the Regulation. As a result of the amendments, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency would have available the same means for its supervision concerning the Parcel Regulation as in other supervision of postal operations. No additional national regulation will be issued with the legislative proposal.

What next?

In Finland, the EU Regulation applies to around ten providers of parcel delivery services. The deadline for its entry into force is 23 November 2019. 

The Government proposal on amendments with which to implement the Regulation will be next submitted to Parliament.


Emil Asp, Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 40 509 9757
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