null Minister Berner to Arctic Meteorology Summit

Minister Berner to Arctic Meteorology Summit

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Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner will take part in Arctic Meteorology Summit on 20 March in Levi, Finland. The Summit is organised by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The event is part of the Arctic super week and programme of Finland's Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. Minister Berner is one of the keynote speakers at the event.

The Summit will gather together directors-general of the meteorological institutes of the Arctic countries and various stakeholders in the field from all over the world. The Summit will focus to discuss what type of information on Arctic conditions is needed and how observations and their transmission will be secured.

Minister Berner says that meteorological cooperation is one of Finland's priorities during its Chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

“The challenge of meteorological research is to explain the complicated climate feedback mechanisms in the Arctic region. It calls for extensive cooperation between space, atmospheric, marine and cryospheric researchers, for example. A good example of this is an initiative by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) on a climate centre of the Arctic region, where the meteorological institutes in the region would share information to generate joint climate data.

Minister Berner reminds that the development of meteorological data is not enough in itself but transmission of information and services calls for well-functioning connections and communications networks.

“The Finnish Meteorological Institute has created in Sodankylä a research and testing area for intelligent transport and 5G networks. None of these pilot projects would be possible without good communications networks. We must remember that intelligent transport systems and services are totally dependent on road weather services based on location data”, Berner says.

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Nina Kukkurainen, Communications Director, Finnish Meteorological Institute, tel. +358 29 539 2121