Basic Communications Services

The basic services in communications are telephone, broadband and postal services together with television and radio broadcasting of the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE.

The Ministry's duty is to ensure that basic services of high-quality and affordable price are available to everyone. The level of the services is secured by means of legislation. If necessary, the basic services are ensured by public funding.

Public service of the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Ltd, YLE has public service duties defined by law. For instance, YLE produces programmes and services in Finnish, Swedish and also for example in Sami and Roma language and in sign language. YLE's diverse programme services for television, radio and the Internet must be accessible to all people in Finland, regardless of their income level or place of residence.

The costs for YLE's public service are funded by a public service broadcasting tax. It is annually levied from people and organisations in connection with other income tax.

Broadband as universal service

In Finland, consumers and businesses are entitled to an access to a reasonably priced and smoothly functioning telephone subscription and 2 Mbit/s broadband service in their permanent place of residence or business location. The right does not apply to summer houses. The subscriber connection under universal service obligations must allow the user to have access to emergency services, to make and receive national and international calls and to have access to other ordinary telephone services.

A broadband connection with a speed of 2 Mbit/s has been defined as a universal service, and telecom operators designated as universal service providers must provide every permanent residence and business location with access to such a service with a reasonable price. The subscription may be implemented as a fixed or wireless connection. The 2 Mbit/s connection speed enables the use of basic online services, such as banking services and online newspaper and magazine browsing.  

Universal postal service

Universal postal services mean the basic postal services that according to the Postal Act must be available to all. The Act guarantees delivery on five days, a moderately priced letter and parcel service and a network of places providing postal services. Ficora has designated the Finnish Posti Oy as the provider of universal postal services in Finland.