A contract for a new icebreaker has been signed

News article 18.02.2014 10.12 fi sv en

A contract for a new icebreaker has been signed 14.2.2014 (Photo: FTA)

The Finnish Transport Agency and Archtech Helsinki Shipyard Inc. have signed a contract for the construction of a new basic icebreaker. The total value of the icebreaker contract is 123 million euros. The project has been granted 24 million euros of EU funding.

Finland will see a see a reduction in its icebreaking capacity over the next few years. In order to ensure that operational capacity and efficiency remains, the Finnish Transport Agency has commissioned a new basic icebreaker. The running of the icebreaker will be open to tender.

The Finnish Transport Agency will take use of the new icebreaker at the beginning of 2016.

The icebreaker employs cutting-edge technology and is specifically designed to cope with some of the most demanding icebreaking in the Baltic Sea. The icebreaker is fitted with oil spill response and emergency towing features, for use in difficult offshore conditions during both winter and summer.