A fixed-term ban on telemarketing of mobile phone subscriptions

News article 15.06.2012 14.49 fi sv en

Telemarketing of mobile phone subscriptions will be banned for a period of three years. The ban applies to telemarketing for new customers.

The ban will not apply to telemarketing to an operator's old customers or to marketing a customer has specifically requested. New legislation for a marketing ban was initiated due to problems that have emerged in telemarketing.
The legislation will enter into force on 1 August 2012 and will stay in force until 1 July 2015.

Another new form of legislation connected to this requires an improvement in the itemisation of mobile telephone invoices with regard to additional services that are liable to a charge. An invoice must include the basis for, amount, date and recipient of charges related to goods or services purchased. These details must be given to the subscriber free-of-charge. This change makes mobile telephone bills more clear and improves use of mobile phones as a payment method.

The change in legislation applying to itemisation of mobile phone invoices will enter into force on 1 June 2013.