A Government resolution to promote the development of intelligent robotics and automation

Press release 03.06.2016 15.31 fi sv en

On 2 June 2016, the Government outlined measures to promote the use and development of intelligent robotics and automation in Finland. The aim is to place Finland among the leading countries in international robotics and automation development.

The resolution outlines a vision for robotics and automation in 2020 to 2025 – by 2025 Finland provides, develops and extensively uses intelligent robotics and automation and meets many challenges, such as those related to healthcare services, knowledge work in public administration, and transport services, with higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The increasing role of robotics and automation is an essential part of digitalisation and a key objective of the Government Programme. It is also essential for maintaining competitiveness.

Finland is well placed to be among the top countries in robotics and automation development, but this calls for determined measures and broad cooperation across sectors.

The resolution aims to identify national strengths, development targets and obstacles, and guidelines for speeding up the desired development.

In accordance with the resolution, Finland has to support the ecosystems and networks of automation and robotisation and promote the business opportunities through regulation, for example. Investments should also be made in increasing the expertise in robotics and automation, particularly in terms of information security, data protection, user-centred approach and service design. It is also important to increase the general acceptability of intelligent robotics and automation and to raise awareness of the phenomena related to them.

The resolution includes 23 action points to implement the measures.

The resolution is part of a Government key project on building a digital growth environment. It was prepared under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in cooperation with the stakeholders.


Ms Päivi Antikainen, Director of the Data Business Unit, tel. +358 295 34 2101, firstname.lastname@lvm.fi, @PaiviAntikainen