A new visual identity for the Ministry

News article 25.01.2016 12.46

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications has a new logo and visual identity. They will be used in the Ministry's information material and its communications channels. The new logo and design were created by Porkka & Kuutsa identity design agency.

The previous revision dates to 2000. This new design was introduced along with the organisational changes at the Ministry: the departments for transport policy, communications policy and administration have been replaced by the Services, Data, Networks, and Ministerial Governance Departments.

Digitalisation and development of services have brought the transport and communications sectors closer together. This is also reflected in the new visual identity. It showcases the Ministry as dynamic and enabling new opportunities. The new logo highlights the acronym of the Ministry in Finnish: LVM can be found in its web service, social media and email addresses.

The web service, including its structure, has been renewed to follow the new visual design. These are in line with the Government web communications standard.