null Amendments to legislation regarding the reform of vehicle inspection to begin

Amendments to legislation regarding the reform of vehicle inspection to begin

Press release 24.02.2017 09.57 fi sv en

The Government proposes amendments to legislation concerned with vehicle inspections. The proposition is part of a comprehensive revision of vehicle inspection legislation.

The legislative proposal issued by the Government on 23 February applies to the items and methods of inspection in periodic inspections, among other areas. Later this spring, the legislative proposal will be followed by a Government Decree, which would contain provisions on more infrequent vehicle inspections, for instance.

"The reform of vehicle inspection is a fine example of the Government's deregulation process, which aims to genuinely facilitate citizens' everyday lives and make business activities run more smoothly", notes Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner.

The proposal currently issued by the Government would entail implementing the requirements of EU's new Directives on vehicle inspections, roadside inspections and registration certificates.

In the future, the items and methods of inspection, assessment of faults and defects in a vehicle, and provisions related to the certificate of vehicle inspection would be issued in a provision by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency rather than in a Government Decree.

The requirements of the independence for the actors in charge of registration, modification and coupling inspections as well as the procedure for individual approvals will be repealed. In the future, this will allow the actors to also provide other services related to vehicles, such as repair and maintenance services.

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency is currently preparing a provision that would implement the requirements of the new vehicle inspection Directive. The assessment of the faults and defects in vehicles is directly laid down in an Annex to the Directive, and the Member States have no power of discretion in their implementation.

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