Climate and Environment Unit established in the Networks Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Press release 13.09.2018 12.03 fi sv en

A new unit will be established in the Ministry of Transport and Communications for climate and environmental issues. This signals the importance of these issues also in the transport and communications sectors.

The Climate and Environment Unit will be the third unit functioning under the Networks Department. It will be responsible for the energy efficiency, low emission levels and low environmental loads of the transport and communication systems. The unit will begin operating at the beginning of 2019.

“The climate change and its mitigation are a vital issue for our society and will determine our destiny. That is why climate issues have become the fourth main theme at our Ministry, along with services, data and networks,” says Permanent Secretary Harri Pursiainen. “The new unit provides an opportunity to further strengthen the Ministry's expertise and vision in matters related to climate and the environment.”

In addition to establishing the new unit, also the duties of the Networks Department will be specified from the beginning of 2019. Weather services will be transferred from the Services Department to Networks Department and space issues will be included in the duties of the Networks Department. Of the Department's current units, the name of the Development Unit will remain unchanged.   The Services Reliability Unit will be turned into Networks Regulation Unit that will be responsible for efficient regulation, steering and control of networks with the aim of developing the network markets.


Permanent Secretary Harri Pursiainen, tel. +358 295 342389, Twitter @HarriPursiainen