null Comments invited on discontinuation of fairway dues

Comments invited on discontinuation of fairway dues

Press release 24.04.2020 21.14 fi sv en

Finnlines cargo ship (Photo: Mikko Lemola/Shutterstock)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has drafted a proposal on amending the Act on Fairway Dues.

In line with the proposal, no fairway dues would be charged from vessels for the rest of 2020 and the dues collected in the earlier part of the year would be reimbursed.

The amendment is based on the state of emergency due to the coronavirus situation and its effects on maritime transport. The amendment is intended as a temporary solution.

“The discontinuation of fairway dues will support maritime transport that is vital for Finland. As the costs of transport decrease, the recovery measure will be targeted at the entire business and industry. With a lighter cost structure of the export industry, we will ensure a stable outlook and encourage investment,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka.

The proposal is related to the supplementary budget for 2020 and is to be submitted to Parliament in May.

Plans to continue the halving of fairway dues

Under the Act on Fairway Dues, a fairway due shall be paid to the State for vessels engaged in merchant shipping in Finnish waters. It shall be paid when a vessel arrives at a Finnish port from abroad or enters a Finnish port from another Finnish port.

The fairway dues have been halved since 2015. The aim has been to reduce the logistics costs of the business sector for the benefit of Finland’s international competitiveness. The fairway due for 2021 will be prepared in connection with the autumn budget proposal. The fairway dues will continue to be halved. 

The Ministry of Transport and Communications also prepared a temporary amendment to the Act on Improving the Competitiveness of Vessels engaged in Maritime Transport. The proposal was sent out for a limited round of consultation, after which the Ministry discontinued the preparation of the matter. At the same time, other measures to support shipping have been prepared and the Ministry will monitor their impacts.

What are the next steps?

Due to the exceptional situation and the urgency of the matter, the proposal for an amendment to the Act on Fairway Dues has been sent for a short consultation round until 28 April 2020.

Following the consultation round, the preparations for the Act will continue by Ministry officials. The government proposal is due to be submitted to Parliament in May 2020.

The proposal is related to the third supplementary budget for 2020.


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