null Corporate model would resolve transport network funding

Corporate model would resolve transport network funding

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Minister Anne Berner 19.1.2017 (Photo: LVM)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications proposes that a state company be established in Finland that would be responsible for the proper condition and long-term development of the transport network. “The operations of the company would not be dependent on the economy of the state, but rather the needs and satisfaction of citizens and business life,” states Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner in the report concerning the transport network company in the report publication event arranged for 19 January 2017.

- Financing the transport network requires reform, because state reserves are insufficient to maintain – let alone develop – a state transport network. Due to the lack of funding, we have a considerably large repair debt, so the situation is hardly favourable in anyone’s opinion. What is being offered is a proposal for improvement which we should relate to in an open-minded manner in an attempt to find solutions,” says Minister Berner, and points out that the company’s investments should mainly be directed towards the sparsely populated areas outside the population centres, and not to urban street networks.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications under the direction of Minister Anne Berner clarified the possible establishment of a transport network company. The government decided to launch an enquiry into the development of a transport network in April 2016 in connection with the approval of a public budgetary plan.

The Ministry’s proposal to clarify the feasibility of a transport network company will still continue in a comprehensive round of consultation. On Monday, 23 January, civil dialogue will commence in the Take a position (Ota kantaa) service. Feedback can also be given by email to