Decisions on new transport infrastructure projects and the scrapping incentive

News article 01.09.2017 11.47 fi sv en

The Government has agreed on its budget proposal for 2018. In the Budget, funds have been allocated for the car scrapping incentive and for new transport infrastructure development projects, of which one will be funded under the public-private partnership scheme.

The Government agreed in its budget session that EUR 8 million will be allocated for the car scrapping incentive for 2018. Decisions on how the incentive will be implemented will be made later.

“The aim of the scrapping incentive is to promote the purchase of low-emission passenger vehicles and the renewal of the vehicle fleet. I am glad that the number of development projects to be carried out during this electoral term will go up. We support the Government's competitiveness, growth and climate objectives,” Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner says.

A total of EUR 1.4 billion will be allocated to basic transport infrastructure maintenance. EUR 453 million of this appropriation will be allocated to reducing the repair debt in Government’s key strategic projects.

The Ministry will also prepare one or two extensive transport network projects so that decisions concerning them can be made in the government discussion on spending limits in spring 2018. It is the intention that the projects will be launched during the current electoral term.