European Commission public consultation on the future of the communications infrastructure

Press release 02.03.2023 09.20 fi sv en

Photo: Markus Pentikäinen, Keksi / LVM

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the future of the electronic communications infrastructure and its development. The aim is to gather views on potential developments of the communications sector and infrastructure. The consultation includes a survey about the possible need for a system, in which all players benefitting from the digital networks, such as content providers, should contribute to the funding of the networks.

With the help of the consultation, the Commission requests views on how to ensure that all the parties involved contribute to the required investments. In addition, the consultation deals with such issues as technological and market development, protection of consumer rights and barriers to the single market.

What's next?

The public consultation on the communications infrastructure of the future is open until 19 May 2023. The survey is in English and responses can be given in English, French or German. The European Commission aims to publish the conclusions of the consultation in the summer.             


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