Finland expressed its views on the TEN-T reform at the meeting of EU transport ministers

Press release 24.02.2022 15.20 fi sv en

The French Presidency of the Council of the European Union arranged an informal meeting of transport ministers in Le Bourget, France, on 21–22 February 2022. (Photo: Ministry of Transport and Communications)

An informal meeting of the European Union transport ministers was held in Le Bourget, France, on 21–22 February 2022. Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka and High-Level Representative Mikael Nyberg represented Finland at the meeting.

The ministers discussed the Trans-European Transport Network, or the TEN-T network. The European Commission published a proposal for a new TEN-T network regulation in December 2021.

Finland expressed its views on the TEN-T reform. The new regulation will affect the development of transport routes and hubs by 2050.

“We have brought attention to Finland’s special conditions in comparison with the rest of Europe, such as low traffic volumes and long distances. We must ensure that EU regulation does not impose unreasonable demands on Finland. Export-enabling infrastructures such as ports are exceptionally important for Finland,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka.

Finland supports the objectives of the proposed regulation and the development of the TEN-T network. It is important that the regulation allows Finland’s special characteristics, especially low traffic volumes, to be taken into account. Ports enabling exports are vital for a country like Finland, which is why it is essential that Finland’s existing ports maintain their position and that the core network and the comprehensive network could be expanded in Finland. In addition, special conditions arising from long distances, winter shipping conditions and low population density must be taken into account. The French Presidency aims to agree on a general approach on the proposal in June 2022. The new regulation is expected to replace the existing one in 2024.

The ministers also discussed ways of decarbonising the transport sector, making transport jobs more attractive, and promoting innovations in the sector. At the informal meeting of transport ministers Finland was represented by Minister Timo Harakka on 21 February and by High-Level Representative Mikael Nyberg on 22 February.


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