Finland’s transport policy lines for the future set out

News article 12.04.2012 18.29 fi sv en

Transport policy planning should be incorporated in the development of society at large. Close cooperation between different administrative branches will lay down a firm foundation for a smoothly functioning transport system and an efficient urban structure. Fresh thinking is required in order to make society function more efficiently and to take advantage of the joint resources in a sensible way.

The Finnish Government submitted its transport policy report to Parliament on 12 April, setting out policy lines for 2012-2022.

The Government Programme emphasises that transport policy should be linked comprehensively to the framework of economic, financial, employment and regional development. Effective transport policy can only be made in cooperation between different ministries, and looking at one sector is not enough; measures are needed to improve overall social effectiveness. Particular focus is to be placed on steps to deepen cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Ministry of the Environment.

Focus of transport funding will be shifted from new investment to maintenance of the existing transport network. Smooth everyday mobility of people is particularly important. At its discussion on spending limits on 22 March 2012, the Government agreed which transport investment projects are to be launched during this term of office. It made a historic decision in allocating more funding to rail projects than to roads.