null Finland supports the EU Commission's view on promoting European digitalisation and creating a single market for data

Finland supports the EU Commission's view on promoting European digitalisation and creating a single market for data

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On 3 April 2020, the Government issued a communication to Parliament on the EU Commission communication on the Digital Future of Europe, the Data Strategy and the White Paper on AI. Finland supports the digital strategy, vision and objectives that the Commission has proposed for European society, companies and citizens.

On 19 February 2020, the Commission issued Communications on the Digital Future of Europe and on the European Data Strategy as well as the White Paper on AI. Of these, the Communication on the Digital Future of Europe is the top-level roadmap on which the data strategy and the White Paper on AI provide more detail. The Commission 's objective is to harness digitalisation to serve people, the economy and societies and to support the EU' s objective of climate neutrality by 2050.

The Commission has also launched a public consultation on the Data Strategy and the White Paper on AI. On the basis of the feedback it receives, the Commission will plan further action, and the Commission plans to give its first legislative proposals on the matter at the end of 2020.

Finland aims to actively influence these future follow-up measures at EU level. It is important that Finland actively influences the development of the European data economy and the opportunities offered by digitalisation. It is important that we work together, so as to ensure that European values create a solid foundation for the future.

“Digitalisation is an important means for achieving the EU's climate objectives. We must promote a smooth and efficient data economy in the common single market so that we can encourage companies to innovate and invest,” says Timo Harakka, Minister of Transport and Communications.

Finland's Government Programme already in line with the EU's digitalisation policy

Finland promotes the EU's digitalisation policy in accordance with its Government Programme. Our aim is to strengthen the EU’s digital single market and competitiveness and to promote the development of an ethically, economically and socially sustainable regulatory framework for data policy and artificial intelligence policy. The digital package provided by the Commission supports these objectives.

In Finland's view, the digital transition is the European Union's most important facilitator of sustainable growth and competitiveness and applies to all sectors. It is important that digitalisation is utilised in the attainment of climate and sustainability objectives. Digitalisation also promotes the flexibility and reliability of society in unexpected crises, such as the exceptional circumstances that the coronavirus has caused in society and the economy.

In its position, Finland calls for the following:

• Deepening the single market and creating a favourable framework for investments in a technologically neutral manner.

• Market openness and fairness and the same rules for all, also globally

• Availability, utilisation and interoperability of data across sectoral boundaries.

• Establishing trust in technologies such as 5G or AI.

• Assessment of the potential need for new regulation and appropriateness of regulation.

• Security and the development of a common EU approach.

• Consideration of social impacts, such as changes in education, competence and work.

• A human-centred approach in terms of digitalisation, data utilisation and artificial intelligence.

• Ensuring compliance with regulation concerning the protection of fundamental rights and personal data.

On 25 March 2020, the Ministry of Transport and Communications appointed a data economy implementation and monitoring group, whose task is to continue exerting influence and to coordinate the work of different administrative sectors. The working group is also tasked with exerting influence both internationally and at the EU level. The objective is for Finland's view on the principles and development of the data economy will be noted internationally.


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