Government grants 5G network licences

Press release 12.11.2018 10.40 fi sv en

Hand, 5G-network. An illustration. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Government has granted network licences for the 3.5 GHz spectrum to Telia Finland Oy, Elisa Oyj and DNA Oyj. The spectrum may be used for the construction of 5G networks from the beginning of 2019. The next generation mobile communications technology 5G enables wireless connections that are even ten times faster than the ones offered today.

The licences are awarded to Telia, Elisa and DNA on the basis of a spectrum auction arranged by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. The auction generated EUR 77,605,000 in revenue to the state. Telia pays for its licence EUR 30,258,000; Elisa 26,347,000 and DNA 21,000,000.

The mobile communications technology 5G is expected to enable new services and business in the transport and health care sectors. One of the significant users of 5G technology will probably be the industrial sector. The licences include a condition that, for example, industrial facilities and ports must be provided with a network service tailored to meet their special needs or, alternatively, they must be able to lease from the licence holder the right to use the 3,5 GHz spectrum under reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

The award of the licences is part of the Digital Infrastructure Strategy of the Ministry of Transport and Communications released in October. It aims to position Finland as a leader in testing, developing and introducing 5G networks. High-speed communications networks form the foundation of modern society and are a prerequisite for digitalisation.

Finland is one of the first countries in Europe to award licences for the 3.5 GHz spectrum allowing the construction of 5G networks. The introduction of 5G will improve the quality and capacity of high-speed wireless broadband connections.

What next?

Telia, Elisa and DNA can use their spectrum for the construction of 5G networks from the beginning of 2019. The licences are valid until 31 December 2033.


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