Government maintains target speed for broadband services

News article 09.05.2012 11.52 fi sv en

The Government has made a decision in principle outlining the development of basic levels of Internet service, in addition to high-speed Internet connections. The Government is to keep the hundred megabit objective to be achieved by 2015, which was set during the election period. By 2015, high-speed 100 Mbit/s broadband connections will be available at no more than two kilometres from all permanent places of residence.

A programme of measures to promote market-based supply and demand for broadband connections till the end of 2012 has been drafted. The officially supported broadband project for rural areas will continue, but more flexible funding for the project is being sought.

The Government also wants to promote cost-effective broadband construction. For this reason the Private Roads Act, Highways Act and Rail Tracks Act will be adjusted, so that cables can be placed within the infrastructure in the most economic manner possible overall.

The speed for the universal broadband service will be kept for the time being at the current rate, but the possibility of bringing it up to ten megabits per second is to be studied. At present, the basic rate offered as part of the universal service is a speed of 1 Mbit/s.