Hot topic: Roles in the management of personal data to be reformed?

News article 31.08.2016 15.51 fi sv en

MyData2016 (Picture: MyData2016)

The MyData2016 conference will be attended by experts from all over the world to come up with ideas and and engage in discussions surrounding the management of personal data. MyData is an operating model, which expands and alters the roles of data providers, users and beneficiaries. The Ministry of Transport and Communications is the main conference partner.

MyData is a rapidly developing personal data management model, which offers individuals access to data on them and its management.

There is a large volume of personal data on citizens found in public registers, company customer management systems and various web service databases - and this data has increasing social and economic value. Particularly economic value, as, according to estimates, there are business opportunities worth millions of euros to be found in the management of personal data. With this in mind, we need operating models which can be used to move data with each person's consent as a service.

At the MyData conference, personal data management is approached from different points of view, from business to research, from technology to political issues and civil society. At the conference, companies and organisations present their personal data management solutions, which can be used to also find internationally functional models for human-centered data management services that transcend organizational boundaries.

MyData is a nascent, global phenomenon, around which new technology and business are growing apace. This is why a multifaceted, broad-ranging discussion on the availability and management of data is vital.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is involved in the conference as a partner. Permanent Secretary Harri Pursiainen is speaking at the conference opening on 31 August and Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner will be addressing the closing ceremony on 2 September.

MyData is also part of a Government key project, whose goal is to establish growth conditions for digital operators. The aim is to increase the use of data in business - MyData plays a key role in achieving this aim.

The MyData2016 conference will be held in Helsinki on 31 August – 2 September 2016. During the three-day conference, a total of 40 sessions will be held, with 120 speakers making presentations. The conference is being organised by Open Knowledge Finland, Aalto University and Fing.