null Journey Planner awarded

Journey Planner awarded

News article 23.01.2009 12.39 en

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council's Journey Planner services have won this year's Communications Sector Customer Service Award. The award was presented by Communications Minister Suvi Lindén at the Ministry's Communications Forum on 21 January. It was received by Director of Transport Niilo Järviluoma and Head of Information Systems Kimmo Sinisalo.

In the opinion of the Awards Committee, it is very easy to use the Council's public transport and cycling journey planners, and the options offered are clear and easy to understand. The public transport journey planner has been available since 2001 and the journey planner for cycling since spring 2007.

The journey planners are in Finnish, Swedish and English and there is also the 'Reissugaidi' version - in Helsinki slang. There are also text versions of the journey planners that can be used with a mobile phone and also using devices for the visually impaired.