null Main road 9 to stretch across Finland

Main road 9 to stretch across Finland

News article 17.02.2010 15.31 fi en

Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communications has decided to extend the main road 9 to reach across the country from the western to the eastern border. This will be achieved by implementing some changes in the numbering of the road network.

So far the main road 9 from Turku, in the western part of Finland, has gone via Tampere and Jyväskylä to the main road 5 south of Kuopio, in eastern Finland. The main road 17 between Kuopio and Joensuu and the main road 70 between Onkamo and Niirala will be renumbered and included as new sections in the main road 9.

"I consider it important that there are continuous transport routes across the country connecting several regions. Extending the main road 9 from Turku to the Niirala border-crossing station at the eastern border supports this development", says Ms Anu Vehviläinen, Minister of Transport.

The Finnish Transport Agency will be responsible for the renumbering of the roads with regard to road signs and maps.