Maximum mass for 3-axle lorries to 28 tonnes

News article 13.05.2016 11.15 fi sv en

Lorries and semi-trailer combinations (Photo: Rodeo)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications will start preparing a decree amendment to permanently raise the maximum mass of triple axle lorries to 28 tonnes irrespective of the year of registration.

The main aim of the amendment is to reduce transport costs and to improve the competitiveness of Finnish semi-trailer combinations.

In the current provisions, the maximum mass permitted for triple axle lorries registered after 1 November 2013 is 26 tonnes. The maximum threshold for lorries registered before that is 28 tonnes until spring 2018, when the 5-year transition period terminates.

Following the amendment, the maximum mass for most of these vehicles could remain at 28 tonnes beyond the transition period. Moreover, it would be permitted to conduct a modification inspection to many triple axle vehicles taken into use after October 2013 so that they would remain at 28 tonnes.

The Ministry will also examine whether the maximum threshold for six-axle semi-trailer combinations could be raised from 48 tonnes to 52 tonnes.