Merja Kyllönen appointed Minister of Transport

News article 22.06.2011 17.00 fi sv en

Ms Merja Kyllönen, MP, has been appointed Finland's new Minister of Transport. The President of the Republic announced the appointment on Wednesday 22 June.

Ms Kyllönen (34) is a member of the Left Alliance and a second-term Member of Parliament, elected from the Oulu constituency. She is also vice-chair of the Left Alliance Parliamentary Group. In addition to her role as an MP, Ms Kyllönen is a member of Suomussalmi Municipal Council and the Regional Council of Kainuu.

At Parliament Ms Kyllönen is a member of the Finance Committee and the Agriculture and Forestry Committee.

Ms Kyllönen holds a degree in Biomedical Laboratory Science. She is married, and her hobbies include writing poems and engaging in various kinds of outdoor activities.