Minister Berner: Interoperability of different modes of transport to be included in Transport Code

News article 20.12.2016 09.56 fi sv en

The Transport Code project, which concerns the regulation of the transport market, has now entered its second phase. In addition to road transport, the Transport Code will now also include shipping, rail transport and aviation.

According to Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner, the purpose of the second phase is to promote the interoperability of different modes of transport and, in this way, make it easier to form travel chains and make these available to customers.

"In order for mobility as a service to be a possibility, it is essential that the different parts of the transport system are seamlessly interoperable. Regulations that apply to aviation, shipping and railroad markets and transport services are now being collected under the Transport Code, in a manner that ensures they form a cohesive entity with the road transport regulations included in the first phase of the Transport Code," Minister Berner states.

The first stage of the Transport Code is presently being heard in Parliament. Minister Berner emphasises that also preparation of the second phase will be open and interactive.