Minister Lindén invited to a high-level UN Broadband Commission

News article 10.05.2010 15.01 fi sv en

The International Telecommunications Union, ITU, and the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation, UNESCO, have set up a high-level Broadband Commission for Digital Development. Ms Suvi Lindén, Minister of Communications of Finland, has been invited to join the new Commission.

The Broadband Commission will look for ways to create effective broadband connections for people in the developing countries. The Commission will report on the results of its work at the UN General Assembly in New York in September.

Minister Lindén sees the invitation to the Commission as recognition for Finland's communications policy.

"I am extremely pleased for the invitation to join in this important work. We cannot leave people in the developing countries outside the information society. Broadband connections will improve prosperity in society, market development and economic growth particularly in the developing countries. It is not about technology but people's basic right to information", she says.