Ministerial working group outlines consultation round for draft of Finland’s digital compass

Press release 01.04.2022 15.00 fi sv en

Developing the Digital Transformation, the Data Economy and Public Administration. (Image: VNK)

The ministerial working group on developing the digital transformation, the data economy and public administration decided to send the draft of Finland’s digital compass out for comments. The objective is to formulate a shared national vision and targets for digital transformation and the data economy for 2030.

The ministerial working group decided on the consultation round in its meeting on 25 March. The consultation round is scheduled to begin on 31 March. Following the consultation round, the ministerial working group will discuss possible changes before examining the national compass against the EU's Digital Compass.

Finland's digital compass is scheduled to be ready for publication in autumn 2022.

Sustainability and trust are cross-cutting themes

The Digital Compass revolves around four cardinal points: skills, infrastructure, the digitalisation of businesses and the digitalisation of public services. The compass includes prioritised objectives for each of these points up to 2030. The compass also identifies themes that cut across all of the points and that will play a key role in building new practices based on digitalisation.

These themes are:

1) Digital equality, accessibility and a digital transition that takes everyone into account.

2) A high level of trust in digital services in society.

3) Solutions that support sustainability and the green transition.

4) Technological neutrality as the main principle for legislation and choices.

5) Information security and data protection built into all solutions.

6) A fair and responsible data economy as the foundation for all solutions.

What's next?

The draft of Finland's digital compass is scheduled to be sent out for comments on 31 March. After the consultation round, the preparation of the compass will be continued with stakeholders. The digital compass is scheduled to be ready for publication in autumn 2022.


Laura Eiro, Director General, Ministry of Transport and Communications, tel. +358 40 096 9293

Mika Nordman, Director of Digital Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 29 504 7142

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