More efficient information exchange to help prevent vehicle and driving licence related crime

Press release 28.09.2018 11.50 fi sv en

The Government proposes to Parliament that the so-called EUCARIS Treaty be adopted and implemented in Finland. The EUCARIS Treaty concerns a European information system enabling information exchanges on vehicles and rights to drive between central authorities.

The Government bill was submitted to Parliament on 27 September 2018.

The purpose of the information exchange system is to ensure that the contracting states’ registers are up to date and reliable. Its other objectives include promoting the combat against and investigation of driving licence and vehicle related crime and improving administrative efficiency in the contracting states by providing rapid and effective access to information.

“Joining the treaty gives us better tools for preventing abuses, as we can check vehicle data with foreign authorities in connection with registration. For example, this will hamper cross-border movements of stolen cars”, says Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications.

The Treaty also gives driving licence authorities more efficient possibilities for comparing driving licence data to data in other countries’ registers. In the future, this could also facilitate access to data in foreign driving licence registers when supervising rights to drive on the road.

When Finland joins the Treaty, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi will get access to all services offered by the EUCARIS system. Eliminating the necessity of separately sending data to other states will promote more efficient and automated information exchange between the authorities.

The Treaty safeguards citizens’ rights associated with data protection and information security, as compliance with European Union data protection legislation is a precondition for joining it.

The proposal supports the Government's key project on digitalisation.

Further information:

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