Preparation of procurement legislation for clean vehicles and transport services is starting

Press release 11.11.2019 08.32 fi sv en

Minister of Transport and Communications Sanna Marin has appointed a working group to prepare the implementation of the EU Directive on the promotion of clean vehicles in public procurement.

The task of the working group is to introduce the changes required by the Directive into Finnish legislation. The working group will assess different options for drafting the national legislation, taking into account geographical differences and cost-effectiveness.

The working group’s term will be from 8 November 2019 to 31 August 2020.

The purpose of the Directive is to increase the number of clean and energy-efficient vehicles in public procurement of vehicles and transport services.  This would increase the demand for zero and low-emission vehicles and alternative fuels.

The Directive applies to the purchase and rental of motor vehicles for road transport, public service contracts for passenger transport by road and certain transport services (for example collection of waste and postal transport). The requirements will only apply to new procurement and service contracts that exceed the thresholds laid down in the procurement legislation.

The Directive does not apply to buses and coaches used in long-distance transport or charter services or, for example, to vehicles used in agriculture and forestry, or to two or three-wheel vehicles. In addition, a Member State may exempt certain vehicles from the requirements laid down in the Directive. These include emergency vehicles and vehicles used by the armed forces or on construction sites.

Broad-based working group

The working group has representatives from:

Transport Workers’ Union AKT, Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs, Bioenergy Association of Finland, Finnish Energy, Hansel, Helsinki Region Transport, Waste Management Association, Social Insurance Institution (Kela), Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Virta, Neot Oy, Neste Oyj, Parkkisähkö, Posti Group,  Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL, St1 Oy, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association, Finnish Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association, Finnish Gas Association, Finnish Public Transport Association, Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Finnish Taxi Owners’ Federation, Federation of Finnish Technology Industries (Electronic Transport group), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, UPM Biorefining, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of the Environment.

An invitation to send a representative to the group was also sent to Fortum Oyj, Gasum Oyj, Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, Finnish Bus and Coach Association, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and Plugit Finland.

If necessary, other members may be invited to the working group during its term of office.


Päivi Antikainen, Director of Unit, tel. +358 50 382 7101,, Twitter @PaiviAntikainen

Eleonoora Eilittä, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 50 309 9189,, Twitter @EleonooraE