null Preparations for a road map for fossil-free transport are progressing

Preparations for a road map for fossil-free transport are progressing

Press release 01.09.2020 17.00 fi sv en

Traffic in Helsinki. (Photo: Juha Tuomi / Rodeo)

A roadmap for fossil-free transport will be prepared at the Ministry of Transport and Communications in early autumn. On 27 August 2020, the Ministry organised a round table discussion on climate policy in the transport sector and on measures to reduce emissions. 

“Finland has an ambitious target of halving greenhouse gas emissions from domestic transport by 2030. Transport emissions must be reduced in a fair manner. It is essential that sustainable mobility by bus, bicycle or low-emission car is possible and attractive throughout Finland,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka.

The roadmap shows how the climate objectives will be achieved in the transport sector. It will draw on the results of the extensive working group on non-fossil transport, which has been working since November 2019, and on the results of impact assessments to be completed in September on the effectiveness of the various transport emission reduction measures. Comments on the roadmap will be invited in the autumn and the Government will outline the necessary measures in late 2020. 

According to the Government Programme, Finland's objective is to halve domestic transport emissions in the 2020s. Although greenhouse gas emissions from transport are projected to fall in Finland in the current decade, a number of new measures are still needed to halve transport emissions. One fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions in Finland come from transport. Road transport accounts for 95 per cent of emissions in domestic transport.

Representatives from the following organisations were invited to the round table discussion: Transport Workers’ Union AKT, Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs, Automobile and Touring Club of Finland, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Finnish Energy Industries, Finnair, City of Helsinki, Climate Panel, Finnish Competition and Consumer Agency, Kyyti Group, Neste Renewable Road Transportation, Finnish Cyclists’ Federation, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Central Organisation fo Finnish Trade Unions SAK, Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Finnish Shipowners’ Association, Technology Industries of Finland, Turun kaupunkiliikenne Oy (public transport service provider of Turku), University of Vaasa, Valmet Automotive and Wärtsilä.


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