Progress achieved in the implementation of the National Transport System Plan, financing arrangements needed

Press release 12.10.2021 15.11 fi sv en

Cars on the road (Photo: Harry Hykko/Shutterstock)

In April 2021, the Government adopted the National Transport System Plan for 2021–2032. Parliament has taken a stand on the Plan.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications follows the progress in the implementation of the measures of the Plan and draws up an annual summary report on it The first report was published on 12 October 2021.

It reviews the transport system financing and the progress achieved in the different parts of the system. The report mainly covers the central government measures. The information will be used in the planning of the following year and in the interactive transport system work carried out at different planning levels.

In the implementation of the measures in the Plan, the key challenge is that the General Government Fiscal Plan adopted in spring 2021 and the budget proposal for 2022 do not include the appropriations envisaged for implementing the Plan. There are hardly any proposals in the Plan for new measures to be taken in 2022 that require financing, but in the long term the lack of funding will be reflected in the implementation.

The measures not requiring any funding progress as planned.

The state of the transport system and the achievement of the objectives of the National Transport System Plan are monitored in the transport system plan analysis of the Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. The first version of the analysis was published on 4 October 2021.


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