null Reform of the vehicle inspection system: changes to authorisations

Reform of the vehicle inspection system: changes to authorisations

Press release 27.02.2018 12.08 fi sv en

The reform of the vehicle inspection system has reached its second stage where amendments are suggested to the regulation on authorisations to carry out inspections. Comments are requested by the Ministry of Transport and Communications on a draft bill concerning the reform. The deadline for comments is 30 March 2018.

The reform supports the Government’s key project on deregulation.

According to the current legislation, an authorisation to carry out inspections for light or heavy vehicles may be applied according to the type of inspection, including both periodic and control inspections, and registration, modification and coupling inspections. There are altogether four types of authorisations. They are granted to each establishment specifically.

In future, the authorisations would be specific to a company and not an establishment. The authorisations would no longer be categorised according to the type of inspection or between light and heavy vehicles. One authorisation would entitle to carry out any type of inspection.

At the same time, the obligation to carry out all types of inspections under the authorisation would be abolished. The authorised party would be free to decide which inspection services it would offer. It would have to notify the Finnish Transport Safety Agency of its services.

In the next stage of the reform, the inspection obligation of some vehicle categories will be reviewed. The related decree amendments will be sent out for comments later.

What happens next?

The draft act has been circulated for comments with the deadline set for 30 March 2018. The request for comments has been published at Following the consultation round, the preparations will continue by Ministry officials. Comments can be submitted by organisations and individuals.


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