State Secretary and Special Advisers to Minister Marin appointed

Press release 08.07.2019 14.57 fi sv en

State Secretary and Special Advisers to Minister Marin (Koskinen´s photo: Jukka-Pekka Flander)

The State Secretary and Special Advisers to Minister of Transport and Communications Sanna Marin have been appointed.

State Secretary to Minister Marin will be Mikko Koskinen, M.Soc.Sc. Before the appointment, he worked as Head of Political Planning at the Social Democratic Party. He has also served as Head of Education Affairs at the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) and as Special Adviser to minister.

Special Adviser to the Minister Ilkka Hamunen will assist the Minister particularly in matters related to transport policy. He has previously worked as Transport and Communications Policy Adviser and as Political Adviser in the Social Democratic Parliamentary Group. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Special Adviser Henrik Haapajärvi will be responsible for matters in communications policy. He has earlier worked as Senior Adviser in Industrial and Environmental Policy for the Trade Union Pro.

As Special Adviser responsible for media relations and communications of Minister Marin will be Pirita Ruokonen. She currently works at Cloubi Ltd as Project and Account Manager and will start working at the Ministry as of 15 July 2019.  She holds a Master of Arts degree.


Mikko Koskinen, State Secretary, tel. + 358 50 304 2007
llkka Hamunen, Special Adviser, tel. + 358 50 478 1027
Henrik Haapajärvi, Special Adviser, tel. + 358 50 339 2604
Pirita Ruokonen, Special Adviser (as of 15 July 2019), tel. + 358 50 911 3099