null Summer-time begins this weekend – Finland ready to abandon time changes

Summer-time begins this weekend – Finland ready to abandon time changes

Press release 26.03.2020 09.12 fi sv en

Summer-time, or daylight saving time, begins in the night between this Saturday and Sunday. The clocks will be turned forward one hour on Sunday, 29 March, at 03.00. Summer-time will end in the last weekend in October when the clocks are set back by one hour.

Finland will continue to take the initiative in the EU to abandon time changes. Finland has discussed the coordination of the matter with other Nordic countries and the Baltic States. Only Denmark has not participated in the discussions.

The aim is to discuss the countries’ objectives in terms of their permanent time so that Member States could make use of the information in their own decision-making. However, the coordination discussions do not bind Member States in deciding which year-round time to observe.

What is it all about?

The European Commission has proposed that the bi-annual clock changes be abandoned throughout the European Union. The aim is to adopt a harmonised timetable for abandoning the summer-time arrangement. However, Member States would themselves make the decisions on their permanent year-round time. According to the new system, each Member State should inform the Commission in good time, if it intends to change its standard time.

The proposal was discussed in March 2019, when the European Parliament voted in favour of ending the summer-time arrangement. The Parliament report proposed that in Member States the clock change take place for the last time in 2021. In the Council, the initiative is still under discussion at the working group level, that is by officials, but no rapid solution is expected. The Parliament and the Council will decide on the matter together.

The Commission has urged Member States to continue the drafting of their national reports and to hold unofficial discussions with their neighbouring countries. With such discussions, Member States seek to avoid fragmentation of time zones in Europe.


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