Taxi fares to be raised by around one per cent

Press release 21.06.2017 13.48 fi sv en

Maximum consumer prices for taxi transport services will rise by an average of one per cent on 30 June 2017. The Government issued a Decree on taxi fares on 21 June.

According to the Act on Taxi and Vehicle-for-hire Services, a Decree on maximum fares must be issued every six months and the fares must be based on changes in the cost level. In accordance with the new Act on Transport Services, regulation on maximum prices will be revoked as of July 2018.

With this Government Decree the distance-based fares and waiting-time charges will be raised. The basic fares and other additional charges will remain the same and no new additional fees will be introduced.

The maximum basic fare on a weekday, including VAT, will continue to be EUR 5.90 and on Sundays, during holidays and at night EUR 9. From the beginning of July, the maximum distance-based fare will vary between EUR 1.60–2.23 /km (incl. VAT) according to the number of passengers. The waiting time charge will rise from EUR 45.90 to no more than 47.04 per hour (incl. VAT).

The maximum prices given in the Decree do not include VAT. However, taxi customers must always be informed of the maximum price including the valid value-added tax.


Joel Karjalainen, Senior Officer, tel. +358 295 34 2028