Testing of mobile communications systems to begin in the 800 MHz frequency band

News article 13.07.2011 16.12 fi sv en

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority has defined the geographical areas in which mobile communications can be tested in the 800 MHz frequency band, which is presently used by radio microphones. In some cases testing may cause interference in the functioning of radio microphones. The testing areas have been determined geographically in a way that will ensure that there is as little interference as possible.

Like other countries in Europe, Finland is allocating the 800 megahertz frequency band for mobile communications. At the moment the frequency band is still used by radio microphones and military applications.
The 800 MHz band is excellent from a technical standpoint, as it enables users to build networks at a considerably smaller cost than the 1,800 or 2,600 MHz bands, which have both also been allocated for use by next generation mobile communication systems.

New frequencies e.g. in the 174 - 230 MHz and 470 - 789 MHz frequency bands have been allocated for radio microphones.