The Commission aims to promote low-emission mobility solutions

Press release 20.12.2017 11.29 fi sv en

The European Commission proposes more stringent emission standards for new cars and vans. The Commission also proposes a directive that would increase the share of clean mobility solutions in public procurement. The Government submitted communications on these proposals to Parliament on 14 and 19 December.

More stringent emission standards for cars and vans

The Commission proposes that the carbon dioxide emissions of new cars and vans should be reduced by 15% from their 2020 levels in 2025, and by 30% in 2030.

An earlier regulation set the threshold limit at 95g CO2/km for cars and 147g CO2/km for vans in 2020. The new proposal for a regulation contains no numerical threshold values for 2025 and 2030, as the way emissions are measured is about to change. For this reason, the values are given as percentages only.

The Government welcomes EU level measures aiming to reduce emissions in the transport sector. In the Government’s opinion, however, it should be noted that the vehicle stock in Finland would have to be replaced considerably faster than today to achieve the targeted reductions in emissions and the energy efficiency of vehicles.

‘Clean vehicles’ for public transport procurements

The Commission proposes a directive aiming to increase the market share of clean vehicles, or low- and zero-emission solutions, in public procurement. This also applies to heavy goods vehicles, to which no EU-level statutory CO2 limits apply as yet.

The revision would expand the scope of the directive to not only vehicle procurement but also public service procurement contracts and different charter, rental and leasing contracts.

The proposal for a directive contains a definition of a ‘clean vehicle’. Cars will be regarded as clean if their CO2 emissions are less than 40 g/km in 2025. Heavy goods vehicles will be considered clean if they can be powered by either electricity, hydrogen, natural gas or biogas. As a target for Finland is proposed that 35% of all public sector procurements would concern clean vehicles in 2025.

The Government considers that the proposed definition would exclude vehicles powered by sustainably produced biofuels, including renewable diesel or biogas, from the definition of ‘clean vehicles’. In the Government’s view, this is inconsistent with not only Finland’s national targets but also the Commission's own objectives, according to which transport use of biogas and biofuels should be increased.

Further information about the new limits:

Ms Eleonoora Eilittä, Senior Officer, tel. +358 50 309 9189

Further information about public procurement:

Ms Saara Jääskeläinen, Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 400 153 745