The digital business environment is making good headway

News article 28.04.2017 15.49 fi sv en

Smartphone and a map (Photo: Vediafi_Indagon)

The government’s key project on creating a digital business environment is making good headway. Finland has potential to become a digitalised society and a pioneer in the introduction and application of new, globally produced technological solutions, says Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications and the leader of the key project.

For the coming term a project titled Smart countryside, was launched to promote the new digital operating models of transport in rural areas. Digitalisation is also to be developed in logistics, the transport sector and the ports.

An action plan aiming for better utilisation of satellite navigation will also be prepared during the government term. As part of the key project, data communications will be improved by initiating the planning of and preparations for an undersea cable linking Oulu and Helsinki.

In the area of communications policy, the key project is formulating a media policy programme to secure the diversity of the Finnish media sector and content production.