null Updates to list of events of major importance for society

Updates to list of events of major importance for society

Press release 02.04.2020 10.30 fi sv en

The Ministry of Transport and Communications will start updating the list of events of major importance for society. Events designated by decree as being of major importance for society refer to events that have to be broadcast by television in the area of Finland so that they are available to a substantial proportion of the public free of charge either as live or recorded broadcasts.

In Finland, events of major importance for society include at the moment the opening matches, quarter and semi-finals and finals of men's FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Football Championship and the matches played in these cups by Finland's national team. The list also includes men’s ice hockey world championships.

Women’s sports events and new sports under consideration

The list was drawn up 12 years ago. Since then the number of viewers at women's sports events, for example, has increased and the status of women’s sports has changed drastically. Possible changes in the popularity of sports should also be reviewed as well as whether the list should be supplemented with new sports.

“The current list of events of major importance for society is not up to date. We should consider whether women's major sports events and paralympics should be included in the list.Promoting equality and non-discrimination is important,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka.

The aim is to keep the list of individual sports events included in the decree short, because expanding the list could affect the television broadcasters’ willingness to acquire the television rights for different sports events. As a result, less popular sports might not become available to the public at all.

The list is included in the Decree on Television and Radio Operations that will be reviewed following the entry into force of the Act on Electronic Communication Services in autumn 2020. In this context, also the list of events of major importance for society will be updated. The list is based on the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the provision of audiovisual media services (AVMS Directive).


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