Volcanic ash cloud restricts air traffic across Finland for days

News article 16.04.2010 13.12 fi sv en

An ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in Iceland that started on Wednesday is forecast to hover over Finland for several days. The cloud has halted all regular passenger traffic.

Due to the ash cloud the Finnish aviation authority, Finavia, has posed flight restrictions at all its airports. The Finnish Transport Safety Agency has authorised Finavia to take responsibility for air space restrictions.

Particles released into the atmosphere from the volcanic eruption have not affected air quality near the ground level in Finland, says the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

It is possible that the ash cloud makes rain mildly acid, but this has no significant influence on the environment, says the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Updated information on the effects of the volcanic ash cloud and its impact on air travel are available on the
websites of Finavia, Transport Safety Agency and Meteorological Institute.