Wide range of comments on draft bill on the Finnish Broadcasting Company

Press release 30.09.2020 08.45 fi sv en

Close-up of a video camera filming a TV show. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications received a total of 85 comments on the Government’s draft proposal to amend the Act on the Finnish Broadcasting Company. The deadline for comments was 31 August.

The aim of the proposal is to specify the role of the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle, as a public service media house and to bring the regulation on the company into line with EU state aid rules. The proposed provisions would generally allow Yle to provide text content only for the purpose of supporting broadcasts or releases containing video or audio material.

Based on the feedback received, the attitudes towards the proposed clarification of the public service mission of Yle are divided. In their statements, private citizens, non-governmental organisations and researchers, among others, drew attention to how the proposed amendment would affect citizens’ access to information. On the other hand, media companies and interest groups in particular supported stricter limitations on the public service duty of Yle in order to ensure a favourable operating environment for the private media sector in the current transition in media. However, the comments also recognised the need for a legislative amendment, in which Yle’s public service mission is specified to meet the requirements of support under EU state aid rules.

What are the next steps?

The comments will be taken into account in the further preparation of the matter. The preparations will continue by Ministry officials and the aim is that the Ministry of Transport and Communications discuss the future Government proposal with parliamentary groups. In Finland, all legislative drafting related to broadcasting is carried out in accordance with the established practice under parliamentary guidance.

The comments submitted through the online consultation service are public and available in the service. All the comments submitted either to the online service or directly to the Ministry’s Registry have been entered into the Gateway to Information on Government Projects.


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