'Accessibility considered' seal

The Ministry of Transport and Communications website was awarded “Accessibility considered” approval in March 2017.  A website with such approval has paid particular attention to:

  • users with visual or hearing impairments
  • users with motoric or cognitive limitations
  • senior citizens.

The approval is valid for three years, but it commits the website providers to considering accessibility issues also in the future. Read more about the “Accessibility considered” approval on the website of the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired.

Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired  (in Finnish)

Assessment procedure

Experts of Adage Oy assessed the accessibility of the web service in late 2016. A majority of the issues identified in the assessment were addressed in autumn 2016 and spring 2017.

Scope of the assessment

The most important site templates and navigation solutions used in the web service were assessed. Detailed accessibility of social media feed lists compiled under one page was not assessed, because the technical details are not in the hands of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. At a general level, the browsability of this page too was assessed.

Findings and measures

The findings were prioritised into four categories and classified as follows:

  • 4 very important
  • 4 important
  • 11 moderate
  • 5 minor.

Below is a list of the findings classified as very important or important and an explanation of how they have been addressed:

Findings classified as very important or important

Very important: The website had two broken jump links.

  • Measure: One of the jump links was removed and the other one was repaired.

Very important: In horizontal navigation, the four subareas under Areas of Expertise were the last in the browsing order and their hierarchic relation to the main heading of the section was presented only visually.

  • Measure: An explanatory text was added to clarify the meaning of those links: “Ministry of Transport and Communication’s Areas of Expertise”

Very important: The file format of the content of several links may be other than HTML, but this was in no way visible in the links.  Examples: listing of search results, listing of document tabs, links at the end of press releases.

  • Measure: Information about different file formats was included in the search results. Press releases are done manually – the drafters were instructed about marking of file formats. Due to technical reasons that piece of information cannot be included in the listings of document tabs, but the context makes it reasonably clear.

Very important: There were serious shortcomings in the search field markings, and in particular in the field name markings of advanced search.

  • Measure: The shortcomings related to naming and marking of search fields were remedied.

Important: Due to the technical implementation, the front page icon and in mobile size also the hamburger menu and search icons did not have text content that would be visible in assistive device use.

  • Measure: Corrections were made to include in the icons link content in text form that is visible in assistive devices.

Important: Any search, or switch between a basic search and advanced search cleared the search fields from feeds. This makes it significantly complicated to check or complement a search.

  • Measure: Corrections were made so that the feed no longer disappears after a search or when switching between search alternatives.

Important: On the Projects page (for example under Transport Code) the left side vertical navigation disappeared and was replaced by press releases.  The changing navigation logic makes it difficult to perceive the site structure in assistive device use. In terms of the order of reading the page, it is also difficult that the long listing of press releases comes before the main content of the page. Additionally, the jump link to the content was not correct as it jumped over the press releases. 

  • Measure: Due to the amount of information, changes are technically difficult. It is under consideration to reorganise the columns on the Projects pages so that the main content would be in the left side column, which would remedy the problems in the order of reading and jump links.

Important: In the Contacts section the alphabetic tab links and the main tab links were difficult to interpret when reading the screen as they appeared as link lists with no indication of location.

  • Measure: The readability of the tabs was improved with technical solutions and the link feature was removed from passive alphabetic tabs.

Moderate and minor findings were also addressed in improving the service.

Send us feedback about the Ministry of Transport and Communications web site and its accessibility to webmaster.lvm@gov.fi.