Information security and data protection

An increasing number of transport services and nearly all communication services are connected to the information and communications infrastructure. The Ministry of Transport and Communications is responsible for legislation and strategy development concerning information security in communications networks and services.

The mission is to ensure and promote the confidence of the general public, businesses and public administration in the security and privacy protection of services provided in the information society. The trust is based on aspects such as user-friendliness, adequate privacy protection and content authenticity.

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, Ficora, acts as the national authority for information security. Data protection in electronic communications is monitored by Ficora and the Data Protection Ombudsman. The Police are always responsible for preliminary criminal investigation.

The Ministry is also active in the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), which assists Member States and EU institutions in issues related to information security. ENISA’s aim is to promote a well-functioning internal market within the EU.