Operating licences

Network licences

Provision of network services in a mobile communications network is subject to a licence from the Government.

For television operations a network licence is required for broadcasting in the antenna network. The operating licences are granted by the Government. However, a licence is not required for cable or satellite-relayed television operations.

Network licences for short-term television broadcasting are issued by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Ficora).

A radio licence issued by Ficora is needed for other uses of radio frequencies.

Programme licence

Television broadcasting in antenna television network is subject to a programme licence. They are issued by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company is allowed to broadcast radio and television programmes without an operating licence within the frequencies that have been allocated to it by the Government.

A programme licence is needed for radio broadcasting, excluding short-term and small-scale operations. Radio licences are granted by Ficora.

Operating licences for postal services

An operating licence granted by the Government is required for postal services involving the sending of letters.

Posti Oy is the only licensed provider of postal services. Its operating area covers the whole of Finland, excluding the Region of Åland. Regional licences have been granted to Esan Kirjapaino Oy, Ilves Jakelu Oy, Esa Jakelut Oy and Alma Manu Oy.

Railway operating licence

To be able to operate on the Finnish railways an undertaking must apply for a licence from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Currently, the VR Group holds a licence for the provision of passenger and freight transport services by rail, while Fennia Rail Oy is licensed to provide freight transport services across the rail network and Ratarahti Oy holds a licence for local freight transport services. Aurora Rail Oy is licensed to provide freight transport services and can carry out shunting work on railway yards in the Finnish rail network.