Transport networks

Legislation on transport infrastructure is drafted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. It provides the basic rules for infrastructure planning, construction, maintenance and life cycle.

Finland's road network encompasses highways, city road networks and private roads. It is around 454,000 km in length, of which private roads and forest truck roads amount to around 350,000 km and the municipal road networks to 26,000 km.

The total length of public roads in Finland is some 78,000 kilometres. Responsibility for the maintenance and development of public roads lies with the Transport Agency and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.  

Municipalities and cities are responsible for their respective street networks and for keeping them in good condition. The maintenance and improvement of private roads is generally the responsibility of private road maintenance associations, landowners and various types of communities or companies.

The length of the Finnish operational rail network is little less than 6,000 kilometres, about 3,300 km of which is electrified. Its maintenance and development is on the responsibility of the Transport Agency.

The length of waterways maintained by the Agency is around 16,300 km, of which merchant shipping routes amount to nearly 4,000 km. Coastal routes measure up to little less than 8,300 km and inland waterway routes to 8,000 km. Most of Finland's ports are owned by municipalities.