Transport safety

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is responsible for drafting legislation on transport safety.

The aim is a continuous improvement of road safety so that the number of road fatalities has been halved and the number of serious injuries cut by one fourth by the year 2020. The figures from 2010 are used as the reference.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications co-operates with other ministries in combating drink driving and improving traffic control.

Road safety work utilises information and communications technologies in, for example, in-vehicle applications, electronic traffic management and road condition information.

The key players in the field of road safety within the Ministry's administrative branch are the Finnish Transport Agency, Finnish Transport Safety Agency, and Liikenneturva (Finnish Road Safety Council).

Railway, aviation and maritime safety

Responsibility for the supervision of rail safety and interoperability of the railway system lies with the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Trafi. The aim of the safety work is that railway transport is safe for people and the environment.

Trafi is also responsible for flight safety matters. Along with joint European guidelines, Finland aims to continuously reduce the number of aircraft accidents despite changes in air traffic volume and other factors affecting flight safety. For sport aviation, the goal is to maintain the existing high level of safety.

The same objective, maintaining the high safety level, also applies in the maritime transport sector. An important aspect of the work is the safety culture.

The Ministry's administrative branch in shipping is comprised of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (maritime safety, boating) and the Finnish Transport Agency (transport system, fairways).

In maritime transport, international cooperation and agreements play an important role too. The Vessel Traffic Management and Information Service (VTMIS) is used for traffic plying the international sea area of the Gulf of Finland. In the VTMIS system, Finland, Russia and Estonia together monitor shipping in the Gulf of Finland and the vessels themselves have a reporting obligation.